Monday, November 3, 2008

OMG--Crappy morning

Okay--So I had bad evening yesterday--I got to the pharmacy late so I couldn't get Hayden's prescription. Then I tried to cash a moneygram money order at Walmart and they wouldn't do it. So I was already irritated. Then this morning, I woke up a bit later than usual so I didn't have time to take a shower. I went to a check cashing store to cash the money order and they were on hold FOREVER waiting for Moneygram to answer so they could verify that there was no hold or anything. I left WITHOUT cashing the money order cashed and was running late to work. Then I got PULLED OVER 3 blocks from work--I could NOT believe it! My ticket is $162 or driving school which is $180...Not exactly what I need right now....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oh yeah! LOL--Trick or Treating!

SOOOOO....Hayden was Woody from Toy Story for Halloween! OMG--He was soooo freakin cute! We went with my sis, bil, and niece and nephew out. It was fun--But OMG--the after "party" was NOT fun--talk about a sugar crash from HELL! Hayden was up until at least midnight that night and he pretty much cried the whole rest of the night from about 10-midnight because I wouldn't give him anymore candy...Hmmm maybe we shouldn't celebrate Halloween next year! LOL

Don't forget to VOTE!

I'm totally stressing about this election...I'm not going to say who I'm voting for on here--but I AM stressing about it...UGH!