Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ok ya'll! I am going to attempt to get back into blogging! Bare with me while I try to revamp it and make it fancy! LOL! I hope you will start reading it again!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ryder Matthew!!!!

Ryder Matthew was born on March 11, 2010 at 9:34 am! My c/s was scheduled for 9am and they pretty much got me back there right on time! It was SO weird! Almost like it wasn't real! The cord was wrapped around his neck 1 time. He weighed 8lbs 5oz and was 21.75 in long!!! He was born at 38wks 3 days...I'm thinking they should have changed my due date back...It was originally the 11th and then they changed it to the 22nd! ACK!!!! We are SO glad he's out so we know he's okay...It was a LONG stressful pregnancy! I will see if I can email blogger some pics!!!! Hope you all are doing great!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wound up back in OB triage! ACK!

I'm telling you this kid is driving me CRAZY already! JEEZ!!!

Go to OB appt...Nervous about it, since last time wound up in the hosp! She measures my stomach...I'm 30wks, 1 day...It measured 35cm(which would be about 35wks)...Then I tell her all my aches and pains and how Ryder doesn't move that much, etc...I get a non stress test...they don't like the results, so they send me to OB triage for more testing and they do a biophysical profile(BPP) u/s...So that ends up fine and his NST at the hosp was fine...But I have alot of amniotic fluid the nurse said...AND they didn't measure Ryder like my OB wanted, so I'm going to call tomorrow and see if they want to make an appt for an u/s, since they just did the BPP, not a reg u/s....ACK...

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Spent last week in the hosp...FUN

SO....I have asthma...I've had it since I was a kiddo...Usually it doesn't bother me quite so much, but these days that I'm preggo...It's been a pain in my ass...Seriously. Usually during the winter months, I just get a bad cough that doesn't go away til spring...No biggie right? Apparently that's not good when you are preggo...

So I went to my OB appt last Monday(the 21st)--Keep in mind that it was the start of my winter break and I, of course, had all sorts of plans...And she listens to me and asks about my cough...So I start telling her and then I have a coughing fit right there in the office...SO NOT GOOD...She wanted me to go to OB triage to make sure Ryder fine and then move on to ER to get chest x-ray...She was going to just give me antibiotics and then order an x-ray, but she didn't want to give antibiotics if they weren't needed...SO...I drop Hayden off at my friends house...Meet my mom at triage...Move on to ER...Was in ER FOREVER...they did 3 breathing treatments and none of them helped...SO...they decided to admit me....I got admitted Tues early morning and continued to have breathing treatments and steriods pumped in...Fast forward to Christmas Eve--still in hospital...New dr on...he tells me I have to stay and I break down and started crying...I hadn't seen Hayden since Monday and I'd barely seen Clint, since kids aren't allowed due to flu season....And he felt bad...So he worked it out and I was able to go home late afternoon Christmas Eve....
Talk about depressing though...I cried everyday I was in there...And everyone thought it was a vacation...If Hayden would have been able to visit, wouldn't have been that big of a deal...Plus he refused to talk to me on the phone and hardly anyone visited me, because it was Christmas week and they were trying to get shit done! The only reason I was able to get out was because there was a different dr on that day...If it had been the same jerk off I'd been seeing, he wouldn't have cared...
On another note, Christmas was good...Hayden was glad when I was finally home and said how much he missed me! Aww...He got wayyyy too much stuff! But he was happy! He said "this is the BEST Christmas ever!" He's such a cutie though...I have a ton of pics that I still haven't uploaded...So some day I will do that!
Clint took his ASVAB on Wednesday for the Army...He qualifies for all the jobs that he wants...Justneed to lose the weight now and see if one opens up! And one last thing, my c/s is scheduled for March 15, 2010 at 9am! Yay!!! Can't wait! Nervous for another c/s, but should be SO much better than pushing and then having one...Kind of hoping that Ryder wants to come earlier than that...Probably won't though...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Still here!

I'm still here! LOL! Thanks Nancy! I've been sick for a couple weeks, I had a sinus/ear infection and then I was stressed becauase Ryder wasn't moving as much as usual...He's a lil more active than last week, but still not back to normal! Anyone else have this? I'm still stressed about it, but everyone says that as long as I can feel him sometimes, it's fine! I'm 25wks today! OMG! 15(well if they do c/s a week early 14) more weeks!!! Man, this pregnancy has been SO completely different than with Hayden! I've been having pain I don't know where it's coming from, although I'm thinking maybe braxton-hicks? I never had a contraction w/ Hayden and then when I was in labor, I got the epi early and even though they turned it almost completely off, I didn't feel contractions, only burning pain! Ack! But I will be doing a scheduled c/s, so I am SO happy for that! I will know when I am having him, unless the lil shit decides to grace us w/ his presence early...I'm fine w/ that, as long as it's not TOOOO early! I think I am more paranoid this time around, maybe because we were trying for awhile?! I don't know! Any advice ya'll can give me would me great...I feel like I've never been pregnant! Clint's going back to the Army recruiter on Friday...Yikes...SO nervous about that! It's such a HUGE decision, ya know? He's been studying up on math and stuff...He wants a specific job and doesn't want his ASVAB score to bring him down and not be able to get that job! Let's see...What else? Oh did I mention that I may try to put Hayden in Kindergarten early? Well, if we are still here! He's doing AWESOME in pre-k and I don't want him to get bored, so I'm thinking maybe putting him in K next year...Depends on the rest of the year of course, but that's where we are headed! That kid has been SO ornery! And he acts like he's 16! He's going to be 4 in less than a month(barely, lol)! But man, that kid has an ATTITUDE! How do I get rid of it? I've tried timeouts and things like that, but it just pisses him off even more! HELP! I've said a mouthful-so hope you had fun reading my ramblings! That's what I've been doing lately, is just rambling! Haa haa!!! I will try to post more...I'm just so damn tired these days! Maybe...Just maybe...If ya'll are lucky, maybe I will post a pic!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Finally--A post! :P

Such a slacker...I know, I know...

Anywhoo..So this pregnancy is coming along! I'm a fatty anyways--So it's hard to say whether I just look fatter or actually look preggo now! LMAO! Who knows...Some days I feel people can totally tell, other days, not so much!

Monday I will be 23wks! Holy moly! I have another dr appt and u/s on Monday. They weren't able to get good enough pics of his spine at the last one...Works for me! I love seeing my baby! Hayden's SO excited to be a big brother! I'm trying to figure something out to get Hayden from Ryder when he is born! I've read lots of ideas, but just don't know what is right for us! What else? Oh yeah--I will be 26(OMGosh-I almost put 23! Where am I?) tomorrow! WOOT WOOT! I love my birthday for some reason...Don't usually do much for it...Maybe I think as I get older things will get better? Crazy lady, I know!

Hmmm...What else? Oh yeah...Clint is thinking of joining the Army...Not sure what else to do at this point...What with the economy and all...Think that's pretty much it...I will try to update after my u/s on Monday! Oh yeah! OMG-I had a dream I had conjoined twins and we found at the u/s appt! Then that morning on the news there was a story about some conjoined twins! Freakin ass weird though man!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

We are having



His name will be Ryder Matthew!!!!!!!