Sunday, May 17, 2009

~*~My 411~*~

Alrighty...Well, guess all the cool kids are doing it, so I will too...Since of course, you all know I am ~THE~ cooleset!!!! JK!!! Anywhoo---Christina and Morgan did it, so go check out their's too!

First and Middle name: Michelle Renee

When is your birthday: November 21

When did you/will you get married: Sept 16, 2006

When did you meet your significant other: Well....thats tough...we kind of not really knew each other in do I count from that? Or when we actually started talking to each other? Let's just say 2003...Since we didn't really know each or meet in HS, ya know?

When did you all start dating: Once again tough..well...because...umm...let's just say Aug 03..LOL

Do you get along with the in-laws: Yeah! I LOVE LOVE LOVE his mom!

Do you have any pets: Yep--1 mastiff/sharpei mix pup named Wheeler...Can I count Clint and Hayden as pets too?!

What kind of car do you drive: Jeep Cherokee

What type of work do you do: Teachers aide in the Autism elem class

What is your favorite color: Pink


Christina said...

I think you can count them as pets too :) I should have counted Josh in mine! Sometimes he behaves worse than the dogs!

Morgan said...

Chel..yo, where's your update? It's been like 3 weeks! Just thinkin about ya! :)