Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bullets of updates! :P

Okay. So ALOT has happened since the last time I wrote! I know, I know..Slacker over here!!! I'm going to do bullets, if that's okay with you!

  • I had my 2nd prenatal visit! Baby's heartbeat was 160! Went great!
  • I had been having this feeling to where it feels like my heart stops-so I went to ER, since it was happening like over long periods of time, so I went a cardiologist and my heart looks great...And what do you know...I haven't had them since last week, when I went to ER and stuff!!!
  • Hayden is learning how to trace his name! It is SO cute! I can't believe he will be 4 in Jan!!! OMG--My lil baby!
  • Speaking of Hayden--he had his toenail appt...He's got weird,paper thin, nails and I wanted to be sure he's okay! So I went and he has to eat lots of fruits and veggies that are good for the liver and goes back in Nov...Now, I'm not sure if specialist thinks he's got an issue w/ the liver or what..those are just my instructions-So any prayers you could toss our way would be great...Just in case!
  • Clint and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary yesterday! Aww..Hayden was 8mths and walked me down the aisle w/ my Daddy in Vegas...He looked SO cute...I will see if I can find some wedding pics, to show ya'll! :P Clint and I have been together almost 6 years! WOW!
  • Clint's depressed about his upcoming birthday in Oct...He'll be 26 and in Nov I will turn 26! I can't believe how time flies!!!
  • But it seems like this pg is DRAGGING! Maybe it's because we wanted it SO bad and now we finally have it? I don't know...But it's pissing me off! I want to know what we are having! I keep referencing it as a "she" and so does Hayden! LOL! He's SO excited!
  • And my morning sickness is GONE! WOOT WOOT!! I never had that w/ Hayden, so it was NOT FUN!
  • I'm going to be 14 weeks on Monday!!!! YAY!

Guess that it's for now...Think I'vfe highlighted all the big stuff! OH WAIT!!! We are MOVING! YAY!!! Currently we live w/ our friend who is remodeling his house, w/ NO kitchen and hardly ANY room! So we are moving on the 30th to our own place! It's tiny--but it'll do for a year and then we can find someplace bigger and better and hopefully...Hopefully be able to buy our own place in a year!!!

Anywhoo--I'm off to MNO w/ some friends! It's game night!!! LOL! I will *try* to update more! I just feel like a dork if I have nothing to say! LOL! Take care!!


Morgan said...

I'm glad the baby is doing great! Don't wish the pregnancy would hurry along too much, once it's over with you will miss being pregnant again! I missed it partly because it was a good excuse to not have to do alot of things haha!

I'll pray for Hayden, but don't worry too much..I'm sure he is fine! If the doctor was really concerned he would have done some more testing! He is still in my prayers though!

YAY on moving! Now you can as loud of sex as you want!! LOL!! :)

I also had some heart troubles when I was pregnant..but then they went away too..weird!!

Shay said...

Hooray for everything! Healthy pregnancies, anniversaries, birthdays, and life! Im happy for you!!!!