Friday, November 20, 2009

Finally--A post! :P

Such a slacker...I know, I know...

Anywhoo..So this pregnancy is coming along! I'm a fatty anyways--So it's hard to say whether I just look fatter or actually look preggo now! LMAO! Who knows...Some days I feel people can totally tell, other days, not so much!

Monday I will be 23wks! Holy moly! I have another dr appt and u/s on Monday. They weren't able to get good enough pics of his spine at the last one...Works for me! I love seeing my baby! Hayden's SO excited to be a big brother! I'm trying to figure something out to get Hayden from Ryder when he is born! I've read lots of ideas, but just don't know what is right for us! What else? Oh yeah--I will be 26(OMGosh-I almost put 23! Where am I?) tomorrow! WOOT WOOT! I love my birthday for some reason...Don't usually do much for it...Maybe I think as I get older things will get better? Crazy lady, I know!

Hmmm...What else? Oh yeah...Clint is thinking of joining the Army...Not sure what else to do at this point...What with the economy and all...Think that's pretty much it...I will try to update after my u/s on Monday! Oh yeah! OMG-I had a dream I had conjoined twins and we found at the u/s appt! Then that morning on the news there was a story about some conjoined twins! Freakin ass weird though man!


Shay said...

yay! a post! i have been thinking of you all! im glad everything is well! baby will be here before you know it!

Morgan said...

Sorry I missed your birthday! Hope you had a happy one!
Time has flown by..I can't believe how far along you are already! It seems like you just announced you were pregnant not that long ago...sheesh!! Glad all is well! :)

nancy said...

just checking on you - haven't seen a new post in a few weeks. You still there?