Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wound up back in OB triage! ACK!

I'm telling you this kid is driving me CRAZY already! JEEZ!!!

Go to OB appt...Nervous about it, since last time wound up in the hosp! She measures my stomach...I'm 30wks, 1 day...It measured 35cm(which would be about 35wks)...Then I tell her all my aches and pains and how Ryder doesn't move that much, etc...I get a non stress test...they don't like the results, so they send me to OB triage for more testing and they do a biophysical profile(BPP) u/s...So that ends up fine and his NST at the hosp was fine...But I have alot of amniotic fluid the nurse said...AND they didn't measure Ryder like my OB wanted, so I'm going to call tomorrow and see if they want to make an appt for an u/s, since they just did the BPP, not a reg u/s....ACK...

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