Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WOW...My son...almost.3!

WOW...I'm still weirded out that in 2wks...I will have a 3 year old! It went by soo fast and I can't even believe it! I remember when he was a tiny baby! Little toes and fingers! Awww...Where'd my lil baby go?! He's doing so great in everything! Even at school, they said when it's time to learn he sits there and pays attention and is just a great boy!

On another note...I'm ready for the holidays to be over! I want to be able to go out and not have all the crazies out and rushing around! Plus...I don't get paid for these 2 weeks off...So that really sucks! But oh well...I deserved a mini-vacation! LOL!

I probably won't blog until after the holidays...So wishing you and your family a very happy holidays!!! Be safe and eat alot!


Jess @ NBP said...

yeah he sure does, in just 6months I'll have a four yr old and then 4months after that a 3 yr old. LOL :)

Jess @ NBP said...

I meant IT!