Monday, January 19, 2009

What is going on w/ my darling son? He's sick ALOT! It's soo aggrevating and I hate to see him like that! Today we went to the dr and he has another ear infection and congestion. Then we gave him back to mother in law-because she's watching him- and she just called and said that he refuses to walk on leg-he's saying his ankle hurts and she had commented about him limping when we were at Walgreens getting his prescription filled...UGH!!!!

On another note--we are searching for a dog! We really want either a mastiff or great dane--but we are looking for anything that we like--pitbulls, danes, greyhounds, mastiffs, etc! I want a bigger dog-since we already live in a house w/ 1 dog--I don't want her to be a bully to our dog!

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