Monday, December 7, 2009

Still here!

I'm still here! LOL! Thanks Nancy! I've been sick for a couple weeks, I had a sinus/ear infection and then I was stressed becauase Ryder wasn't moving as much as usual...He's a lil more active than last week, but still not back to normal! Anyone else have this? I'm still stressed about it, but everyone says that as long as I can feel him sometimes, it's fine! I'm 25wks today! OMG! 15(well if they do c/s a week early 14) more weeks!!! Man, this pregnancy has been SO completely different than with Hayden! I've been having pain I don't know where it's coming from, although I'm thinking maybe braxton-hicks? I never had a contraction w/ Hayden and then when I was in labor, I got the epi early and even though they turned it almost completely off, I didn't feel contractions, only burning pain! Ack! But I will be doing a scheduled c/s, so I am SO happy for that! I will know when I am having him, unless the lil shit decides to grace us w/ his presence early...I'm fine w/ that, as long as it's not TOOOO early! I think I am more paranoid this time around, maybe because we were trying for awhile?! I don't know! Any advice ya'll can give me would me great...I feel like I've never been pregnant! Clint's going back to the Army recruiter on Friday...Yikes...SO nervous about that! It's such a HUGE decision, ya know? He's been studying up on math and stuff...He wants a specific job and doesn't want his ASVAB score to bring him down and not be able to get that job! Let's see...What else? Oh did I mention that I may try to put Hayden in Kindergarten early? Well, if we are still here! He's doing AWESOME in pre-k and I don't want him to get bored, so I'm thinking maybe putting him in K next year...Depends on the rest of the year of course, but that's where we are headed! That kid has been SO ornery! And he acts like he's 16! He's going to be 4 in less than a month(barely, lol)! But man, that kid has an ATTITUDE! How do I get rid of it? I've tried timeouts and things like that, but it just pisses him off even more! HELP! I've said a mouthful-so hope you had fun reading my ramblings! That's what I've been doing lately, is just rambling! Haa haa!!! I will try to post more...I'm just so damn tired these days! Maybe...Just maybe...If ya'll are lucky, maybe I will post a pic!

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Morgan said...

There were alot of times I worried because I didn't feel as much movement but everything is fine girl so dont worry! Yeah I know..easier said than done!! LOL! Thanks for the update! :)