Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hayden's Evaluation

Hayden's eval was today for his speech and cognitive development...It went good...Could have gone better I think...They said he's NOT eligible for services, but he does have some delays...He just doesn't have enough delays to get help. I'm kind of irritated. They said if he's still talking the same when he's closer to 4, to bring him back for testing again. But really, why wouldn't they want to fix his minor delays instead of waiting to see if they turn into something more?

I know I have a smart kiddo, it WAS nice to be told, especially since we are all bias since we know him and are related to him! He did SOOOO good man. I can't believe it. He knew a lot of stuff that I have been working with him on, but for me-he sometimes gets things mixed up! It was great to hear other people tell him how smart he was!

Oh and the delays were in speech and cognitive development, by the way--so both of the areas that were talked about at the screening.

So...Now the waiting game...Also, if/when I fix his ear, maybe that will help...

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nancy said...

I agree - why not try to help the minor things so they never turn into major things? Not that the minor WILL turn into major, but if something can be improved upon, why not do it?

I am glad to know everything was ruled out pretty normal for him though.