Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Preggos, etc

Is it just me or does every woman seem to be pregnant these days? It's bizarre...Or am I just noticing it more and more, because I am not? Who knows...All I know is that I am sick of every month, get a BFN. I do have to say though, that apparently dexemethasone and clomid are doing something, because I think actually ovulated last month! WOW! Lol...Oh boy, now another 2 months of this crap...I am soo annoyed, because seriously I am HUNGRY every minute of the day...but I am good not eating every minute of the day, I can't exactly afford to gain any weight, I need to lose some...Jeez! I do have to say I am VERY proud of myself for *not* eating when I am hungry, since I know I really am NOT hungry--it's just the dexamethasone talking!

But hey, I am hoping to get pg this month...Not really wanting a Dec baby--but hey man, I will take what God gives me...

Speaking of that...Hayden is a Jan baby--should I take a break in April, so I don't get pg, or is just wasting time? I feel like it's just wasting a perfectly good month and just being selfish...What do you think?

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Busy-Budget Moms said...

Good luck getting pregnant! =-) And yes, it DOES seem like everyone is pregnant!