Sunday, July 13, 2008

The weekend is FINALLY over!

Not that I'm soo excited to get back to work and everything...But jeez...It felt like a month went by, not a weekend! We were so busy, even though we didn't have Hayden this weekend! He went to his gramma's house! But instead of spending time together, me and Clint spent time with friends...yes...FRIENDS! How dumb is that? But it was quiet at home! We went to the monthly Sonic VW cruise, all the bugs, busses, things, etc cruise up to a local Sonic and hang out there and check out each other's cars...It's cool, plus we always know people, because we are in a VW club! Dorky, I know, but at least we have friends with similar interests!

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Jessica said...

that's cool to have similar interests I wish we could something like that.