Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A miracle on Raven St!

WOW! Talk about a miracle!!!!! I found the money order receipt for May's rent!!!! Yeah--for those of you that haven't heard the story, here it is! We paid May's rent like WAY late, like May 26th, to be exact. Well we get a notice in June--like 2nd week in June, that said we still owe them, so I called the lady and she said she would look for it and yadda yadda yadda...Well apparently she didn't look hard enough, which I had figured. Well, I couldn't find the receipt either, so of course she didn't believe that I had paid it. Well, I sent off a money order to moneygram for $30, so they could research it and get back to me. I called today, since it's been 7 weeks and nothing still. Since we are moving out, Linda said she'd take our deposit and put it towards the rent we owe(which I knew we didn't). Well....As I was cleaning out our bathroom, I called my mom to tell her about a vet clinic that our walmart has, well, I picked up the paper and what do ya know? A money order receipt. So I went to throw it away...And I looked at the date...May 26th...in the amount of $790....Cha-Ching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had found the missing money order receipt!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! Now Linda can take that receipt and shove it up her fat ass!

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